Jonas Tamas: sharp guitars from a flat planet

Jonas Tamas says:
My instrumental guitar album has been released - available on CDBaby! Hi, I have great news: my instrumental guitar album has been released, and it is available on CDBaby!

You can order the album here: Sharp Guitars From a Flat Planet

The interest on this album has been huge, and I'd like to thank you all for the support and the kind words! I hope you will like the music. The album contains 12 instrumental guitar songs, and has over 64 minutes running time.

Because of the high interest, there are lot of CDs in stock, so CDBaby can ship immediately now. We are continuously manufacturing new sets of CDs, so if you are going to and you see a 'CD coming back in stock soon' then just simply write in your e-mail address and name in the box, then click on 'Email me when it returns' - and within a few days the new stock arrives and CDBaby can ship the album to you. Please do this so that we know, how many albums we have to produce and ship.

I hope that you will enjoy the album, it is a really exciting time for me!


1 Zenith
2 Golden Sun
3 Finger of Fate
4 Mosquito Bite
5 Tight Squeeze
6 I Feel Sorry
7 Locrian Locusts
8 Streamline
9 Eloquent Look
10 Stormbeaten
11 Conversion
12 Escape From the Soulful Eyes

Please tell your friends about the album, and post the ordering link on your page or on forums. I would highly appreciate any help & support to spread the word. And that's not all - a special access code (entitling for free download of a bonus track) will be given to anyone, who supports me promoting this album.