News: guitar idol the little guys!

OK, I know some players won't pimp their video as it's much cooler for them to have real fan results... but what if the miss out?

So I dedicate this thread to the little guys who are great... don't like the marketing aspect... but are really great but just haven't been voted for yet!

First up Damjan Pejcinoski... currently only 26 votes... this guy is awesome!


Plus prove this guy is more than a one hit wonder

OK... I had my say... now name the little guys that you think should be voted for!

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Plus remember what is at stake:
There are more prizes available for Guitar Idol 2009 than any previous Guitar contest staged so make sure you check these out:

Paul Reed Smith and Marshall will present top of the range products to the Guitar Idol 2009 Outright Winner.
But that's not all - not by a long stretch!

Polish custom guitar builder Mayones have built a unique Guitar Idol Custom 7 string, Ernie Ball/Musicman are supplying a MusicMan Sillhouette and English master luthier Rob Williams will be offering his Set Neck Standard for their own Special Award Winners!

Rising stars UK amp masters Blackstar are offering the Blackstar HT-5S Amp and with further prizes from Rotosound and Rockschool Guitar Idol 2009 is well and truly living up to it's name...but it gets better!

Steve Vai's very own record label Favored Nations have confirmed that they will be releasing the Guitar Idol 2009 album in digital format!

Renowned guitarist/producer Steven Loveday - whose work has been heard on some of Hollywood's biggest films including Julia Roberts film 'The Pelican Brief' as well as worldwide syndicated TV shows such as 'Friends' and 'Long Way Down' - is also offering a fully paid world class recording session for one lucky guitarist.