Nicholas Scott: getting the news for guitar idol


Nicholas Scott says:
There is another that is a follow up for the final. Also, I'm scheduled to have 4 radio interviews, and 2 news station interviews! Watch out!


MUSKEGON COUNTY -- Since the day he picked up his first electric guitar at age 13, Nicholas Scott has wanted to become like his idol -- guitar slinger Steve Vai. Scott, now 19, has the chance to become an "idol" himself.

Nicholas Scott of Egelston Township will compete in an international contest dubbed "Guitar Idol."
The Egelston Township resident is competing in an international contest dubbed "Guitar Idol." The winner will receive a recording contract and perform at this year's London International Music Show.

"Music has been my goal since I was in seventh grade," said Scott, who displayed his guitar prowess during the 2008 Muskegon Showcase event. His group garnered first place in the event's performing arts category.

Contestants in the Guitar Idol competition post a video of a performance on the contest's Web site -- Viewers can vote for their favorite performers at the Web site and determine who proceeds to the second round.

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