Rob Balducci: guthrie govan featured on voilet horizon


Rob Balducci says:
I am happy to announce that you can now listen to streaming new songs from my upcoming release Violet Horizon. Friction and The Essence. I really like these two tunes so I picked them for you to listen to. I really love the guitar tone we got on this record, my best to date. I hope you enjoy them.

Stay tuned for information on the release. The CD will soon be available for download worldwide from Favored Nations... It will be on Itunes and much more other download sites. As soon as it is available I will be posting information on where and how to get it.

I am very excited about this release. I have to thank Dave Weiner and Guthrie Govan for there guest solo spots... they just killed! I also have to thank Chris Ingram for his guest keyboard part on the tune Trinity.
Thank you for your support!