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Ruggero Robin: musikmesse 2009 part 1

Ruggero Robin: musikmesse 2009 part 2

Chance to see him play live:
Apr 17 2009 9:00P Fornace Carotta Padova Padova

Presentazione Telecaster Jim Reed Twin Tone

Intervista a Ruggero Robin - Chitarre (Parte 1)

Ruggero Robin was born in Padova (Italy) on 29th april 1962. Guitarist of an excellent technic, he has very soon acquired a wide music culture, performing on an international basis, with artists such as: Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Joe Diorio, Trilok Gurtu, Enzo Todesco, Alex Acuña, Oskar Cartaya, Marc Jordan, John Patitucci, Marc Quinones, Richie Gajate García, Giulio Capiozzo, Flavio Boltro, Robert Bonisolo, Frank Tontoh, George Acogny, Thoss Panos and other great artists of the pop music as Zucchero Fornaciari, Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Nomadi, Riccardo Fogli and many others.

2005. Tour in Japan with his "Jazz Trio" together with the Italian orchestra of Neapolitan music directed by the conductor Sandro Cuturello, playing in the prestigious Japanese theaters.

2004. He collaborates to the realization of the new album of Sugar, ZU&CO. He cooperate and partecipate as guitarist at the recording of this so particular album in which Zucchero make a fantastic duet with the artists that accompany him during his career (Bocelli, Pavarotti, Paul Young, B.B. King, Dolores O’Riordan).

He composes and produces the two new unpublished songs of the last album "Storie d'Amore" of Riccardo Fogli, "Please Love" and "Tu non sei più mia". The disk has gone out in the month of June 2004 with the executive production of Antonio Colombi for the record label Nar International S.r.l. and distributed by the Edel.

He has realized the production of the single Cd of the emergent artist Eugenio Mori with the Pulsar Record from the title "L'insegnante di matematica". The Cd include three songs, plus the video of the song that give the title to the work. The disk has gone out in the month of October 2004.

2003. He finishes the great work on his latest album: "Everyday magic"; the following artists take part to the realization of the album: Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Marc Jordan, John Patitucci, Paulinho Da Costa, Maurice Ravalico and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

2002. Ruggero Robin, in collaboration with Bruce Gaitsch, plays in "Guitar For Freedom II", a double CD compilation with the greatest guitarists of the world: Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Andy Summers, Carlos Santana, Mick Ronson, Allan Holdsworth and many others. This compilation has been produced for the families of the victims of September 11th.

He collaborates and plays with numerous light music artists, such as: Zucchero, Nomadi, Stragà, Bobby Solo, Riccardo Fogli and lots of other young talents belonging to the international "pop" scene.

He begins the recordings of his latest album: "Everyday magic"; an international production, in collaboration with Frantic Studios in Nashville (USA), Umbi studios in Rovigo (Italy) and Bat Cave Studios.

2001. He opens his own recording studio: "Bat Cave Studios" ad continues to cooperate to numerous international productions as arranger, producer and composer.

He receives, at "Rimini live festival", the prize of the Resto del Carlino for the effort shown in the promotion of young artists.

He arranges and produces, together with Roby Facini, "Storie di tutti i giorni" for Riccardo Fogli; the song has been created in an inedit version for the Latin-American market.

2000. He produces and arranges the band Sinergia winning the Telegatto of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni at Sanremo Rock festival, on Rai 1.

He is arranger and producer of Federico Stragà, he produces the famous song "L'astronauta" in acoustic version for Studio Lead, distribuited by Sony Music.

He writes the songs "Dove sei" and "Certo che puoi", of the album "Liberi di volare" dei Nomadi (140.000 copies sold).

1999. He plays with his Trio in the most famous clubs in London, with great success.

1998. He arranges and writes "Ti lascio una parola goodbye" with Diego Pigozzo for i Nomadi, entering the "hit-list" and obtaning the “platinum record” (200.000 copies sold).

1997. He records the album "Viceversa" for Prestige Jazz.

1995. He takes part as guitarist to the production of Andrea Bocelli's albums: "Andrea Bocelli" and "Romanza ", which sold 40 millions copies.

1994. He wins the "A.W.F. Competition" (Artist Without Frontiers) as best guitarist, obtaning a reward from the Master School of G.I.T. in Hollywood.

He records in Los Angeles his second CD: "Big One", Prestige Jazz; with Alex Acuna (Weather Report), Oskar Cartaya (Spyro Gyra), Marc Quinones (Tito Puente), Giulio Capiozzo (Area), Enzo Todesco (Gino Vannelli) and other big artists. Approximately 20.000 copies sold.

He wins the CEE Schoolarship for Arrangers and gets the first C.E.T. diploma, in Mogol's school.

He’s the winner of Leffe Music Festival at Rolling Stone in Milan (Videomusic).
Ruggero Robin and his band accompained the singer Giorgia in the promotional TV video. (Jammin' Italia 1, Roxy Bar Videomusic).

1993. Album "Guitar Atmosphere", Pentaflowers Jazz; a new CD of acustic guitar, which has obtained lots of positive critics from various specialized magazines.

1991. Ricky Gianco, promotional tour for the album: "È Rock 'n Roll".

1989. "Area 2", by Giulio Capiozzo (Italian Tour).

1988. Lead guitarist of "Le Orme" (Italian Tour).


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