t-cophony: new albums unknown coloration

T-cophony remains one of my top acoustic tappers so it's great news for tap guitar fans!

New album "Unknown coloration" 2 versions !!:
I've ever made many songs.
It is a thing for me entirely. All of them were already collected to my mp3 player.
However, one day it may be broken. Or I may lose it. I don't know.
My uneasiness is not broken off even if I copied it as a spare. 
Because the copy may disappear, too.

But once, the uneasiness was broken off by releasing an album.

So I again decided doing the digital distribution all .
It is right the next album "Unknown coloration (Edition for download)"!

It includes many songs more than CD.

It will be released on May 13 by iTunes.
Yes, the same as CD sale date !!

Please check out them !

"Unknown coloration" CD

Song list

① Make up your mind
② Closed
③ Riverbank (band ver.)
④ A place that see the earth
⑤ Medicine
⑥ Remind
⑦ Meaning of life
⑧ Dummy amulet
⑨ Artistic place
⑩ Graduation ceremony
⑪ Wall man
⑫ I and mom
⑬ Cover up hero's blunder
⑭ Little mistake
⑮ Anxiety tomorrow
⑯ Special day

Make up your mind - T-cophony

"Unknown coloration (edition for download)" digital version

Song list

01. Make up your mind
02. Closed
03. Riverbank (solo version)
04. A place that see the earth
05. Medicine
06. Remind#
07. Meaning of life
08. Dummy amulet (version2)
09. Artistic place
10. Graduation ceremony (solo version)
11. Wall man
12. I and mom
13. Cover up hero's blunder
14. Little mistake
15. Anxiety tomorrow
16. Special day
17. October sky
18. Trip in spring (solo version)
19. Wall man (acoustic version)
20. Dummy amulet (solo version)
21. Recreation (solo version)
22. Strange wind (solo version)
23. Down spiral
24. A person in the water
25. Keep in sight
26. Escape to a relax
27. 14days for life
28. Samurai

I'd like in particular you to check 5 songs (from another project "Insomniac’z Work") of my favorite.

Thank you !
Dummy amulet - T-cophony (Guitar)