Al Estrada: i am war

This is a video I made I'm particularly fond's nothing special, just thrown together on my Windows Movie Maker. But the phenomenal guitarist Al Estrada gave me permission to play his music on my Stickam webshow called Metalshop (you'll find the link on my prof here) and I put this video together set to his music. He approves, have a look....

Near the beginning you'll see some things such as a man walking with a donkey etc. I left that scene in there because the explosion that follows is the man w/ the donkey carrying explosives. There may be other seemingly ridiculous scenes such as that, but as you now know there's a reason for them. These are all genuine terrorist videos filming suicide bombers, executions etc., except for the video of American soldiers entering a building, that scene was filmed by another American soldier. There was absolutely no reason for this war.

Al Estrada - I Am War