George Lynch: David Iozzia interview


Dave: What approach did you take during the process of writing and recording "Let the Truth Be Known"?

George: It was a strange and convaluted process. It was the exact opposite of getting a band together, going into the studio, and writing some songs. It was done ass-backwards or back ass-wards, however you want to say it. It started out many projects ago as something completely different. I finally got to a point where I had to put a cap on it. I had to bring all the various elements together and write some new stuff. Having vocalist London LeGrand come back to work with me was what glued it all together. He and I had a previous project that we started called Microdot. He left that project to do "Brides of Destruction" with Tracii Guns and Nikki Sixx. Now that London is back, we basically finished something that we had already started. It was a do it yourself approach because we had no funding, no record label, and no producer. It was gratifying to do the record that way. You have to find inventive ways to get things done. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends in the music industry who respect me and like what I can do. To be quite honest, I got a lot of help. I was more involved in every aspect of the process from beginning to end, more than on any other record that I've done. It was both painful and rewarding. The record was self-funded so I spent quite a bit of money on it. That's kind of scary because you don't know what's going to happen. I'm not equating this record to "Apocalypse Now," but I feel like Francis Ford Coppola or any other filmmaker who had to put up his house to get the film made. "Let the Truth Be Known" is my version of that. I went through many valleys and mountains, and there was always something else around the corner. I'm invested emotionally with this record quite a bit. I think it's the best record I've done, but I think that about every record. I think every artist does. I've tried to distance myself from it as best as I can. I know it isn't all things to all people. I know there are disappointing moments on the record, even for me, but as a whole and when looking at the big picture, I'm very happy with "Let the Truth Be Known."
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