Hedras Ramos: working them angels

The little guy from Guatemala is doing everything he can to get to the guitar idol finals. News papers, radio, blogs, church, you name it this guys done it! He represents all that's good about guitar players who want to get known... it takes sheer hard work and dedication... plus, and in no small measure, the ability to play the guitar at a very high level!

OK so tonight Hedras got featured on a christian news channel for "Vivo lo Quiero"

Vivo lo Quiero - Hedras Ramos

and blogs!
Hedra is currently promoting her new material and be involved in Music to make their excellent talent, the 1st of May was spent in Chimaltenango (Guatemala) event organized by Roca Firme Records (with pending more information Event Photos)

plus a Christain web site all keen to promote not just a guitar player but:
Hedra Ramos has great potential not only to represent Central America and Guatemala, but representing the people believe, because their faith is a clear sign to follow Christ and honor Him with their talents.

You can vote for the young boy with a big heart http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/insanity_atoms

Some interesting discussion about promotion on the guitar idol forum