Joe Chawki: journey back to october thawns

More videos posted from the Joe Chawki fan club, of which I am an honoury member... Joe is an amazing talent, all the more amazing as in these videos, with the band October Thorns, he's only 16/17. So here's to Joe Chawki... who still has not finished his Guiness!!


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At the time, no one would dare cover Dream Theater, so we thought it would be appropriate. Couldn't offer this video in Hi Quality because the 8mm tape started to slip at the end and it became a frankenstein video project. Still worth uploading I would think.

October Thorns - Metropolis (Dream Theater Cover)

Circle Game was the first track we ever recorded. Awesome lyrics by Frank Schiazza. This song always had my favorite Chawki solo and at this show, Chawki just let it go. Guest appearance by the infamous Birch Hill stage dweller.

October Thorns - Circle Game

A favorite song from my recent past before Thorns, song was written by Vinny DeAngelis and is a cover of my former band D-Nine or Deeper Than Black. Coolest thing about playing it in Thorns was the transition from bass to guitar.

October Thorns - Eyes of Suicide (D-Nine Cover)