Joe Stump: holyhell cd on the way


May 7, 2009 - HolyHell Saves The Best For Summer!
Currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut album, HolyHell is poised for its release on the Magic Circle Music label in the Summer of 2009! Already prominent players in the metal scene, their EP "Apocalypse" entered the German Top 100 chart selling over 6 thousand copies in a matter of weeks by virtue of their live performances alone. Motivated by the response from metal fans worldwide, HolyHell went back into the studio and committed to delivering the best their multifaceted talents could produce for their first complete album. In addition to Eclipse, Apocalypse, Last Vision and Resurrection, it will contain 9 new tracks of incredibly powerful music guaranteed to please the most discerning metal fans.

Consisting of new female vocal sensation, Maria Breon, a classically trained singer possessing a unique and powerful voice; Shred Lord, Joe Stump, an acclaimed heavy metal guitar virtuoso who has already made his mark in the world of power metal; Francisco Palomo, the newest keyboard prodigy on the rock and metal scene; bassist Jay Rigney, one of the Boston area's top studio musicians and ex-MANOWAR drummer, Rhino; HolyHell mixes elements of classic metal and hard rock with orchestral arrangements and haunting gothic melodies, making HolyHell a tour de force of powerful, heavy music. For those eagerly awaiting its release, the debut album will not disappoint.
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