Jonas Tamas: free tab and backing track


Hi, this is Peter Heim, I'm the administrator of the Jonas Tamas Facebook Group & Street Team. We are very glad to see almost 200 new members in the past 2 weeks!

It's worth being a group member here, because from time to time, Jonas will make free exclusive downloadable content for you.

And the first package is already here! It contains a new guitar solo from Jonas plus the backing track of this solo and the exact tablature of the solo. Cool, isn't it?

Download link:

If you haven't checked out Jonas Tamas' new album 'Sharp Guitars From a Flat Planet' yet, then here is the link for listening to all the songs:
The album is on iTunes too. If you like Satch, Vai or Petrucci then you definitely have to take a listen!

We would like to reach as many guitar fans as we can, so you should invite your friends to join: go to the Jonas Tamas group's page (, and click on 'Invite people to join' on the right hand column. Invite all your friends who are interested in guitar playing. We are aiming to reach 1000 members very soon.