Rob Chappers: king of monkey world


Rob Chappers is a busy guy and he's also interested in you! His web site is
My website is where along with the magnificent competition prizes you can catch up with Rob's on line store selling "Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition 1" DVD

Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition 1

The first guitar tuition DVD from Rob Chappers, a professional guitarist who has toured, sessioned, played clinics and taught for over ten years.

The hour long DVD is aimed at beginner to immediate guitarists and features licks, techniques and exercises and sees Rob demonstrate some of the Orange Amplifiers range.

Contents include:

Rob Chappers Top Tips
Hand positioning and ergonomics
Exercises for economy and alternate picking
Legato and sweeping overview
Rock licks
Scale Connection

Bonus features include:

Blooper reel
Link to full tablature

The latest EP "Mantra of the Monkey Lord"

Mantra of The Monkey Lord EP
Mantra of The Monkey Lord EP by Rob "Chappers" Chapman. This is a digital download that includes 3 songs and the album artwork.

**NB, Unfortunately, due to current system constraints, it is not possible to order this EP on the same order as other products from the store.

If you wish to order the EP and an additional, non-downlodable product, eg the guitar tuition DVD, you will need to place separate orders. This will not affect the total cost to customers. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.**

Basically I just left "Eternal Descent" and am now pursuing a solo career... my solo project is called "Monkey Lord".

At the moment I am just saving some money up so that I can go into the studio to record a solo album with Eddie Kramer and at the same time I will shoot a DVD teaching the tunes that we record!

I have lots more competitions to come, so no shortage of exciting stuff to win including more guitars, effects pedals and Amps :-)

Orange Tiny Terror Combo at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008