Shawn Lane: aga of the ladies

A fan says:
The Best guitarist who ever lived and was more humble than anyone alive today, In this song he plays some east west fusion uniting players from:

India (Vinkarayam brothers on vocals and tabla),
Sweden ( jonas hellborg)
Germany (jeff sipe)
U.S.A. (Shawn from Tennessee)

shawn was a true person to look up to, most of the picking techniques he played with cannot be emulated by players today,and allowed him to play alot faster and clearer,
using only the necessary notes to invoke a sense of wonder and allow you to travel in time with him. If we consider the group of virtuoso guitar players out there today shawn would be the first in line from his shredding in 1977!!

if you went to this concert I envy you : D

Aga Of The Ladies Excerpt Shawn Lane