Shima Norifumi: cool shred podcast - introducing eastern shred to the world!

Kudos to Chiaki Hinohara from metalmoment :
Concerto Moon World Premier Live Video!! Features Japan’s Virtuoso Guitarist, Shima Norifumi (Concerto Moon, Double Dealer). His Solo Album “From The Womb To The Tomb”. New Live DVD from his Band Concerto Moon 10th Anniversary Rise From Ashes Tour , “Live From Ashes”. Hideaki Nakama (Anthem, Emerald Forest, Hell’n’Back, Hurry Scuary) メタル・モーメント・ポッドキャスト・エピソード23全世界に日本のメタルを広げようの巻です。 Featured Tracks: Reason To Live, Absolute Terror, Anger Management, Lies And Betrayal (Recorded Live in Tokyo)

Metal Moment Podcast Epi. 23 Shima Norifumi / Concerto Moon

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