Alex Hutchings: blue class top of blues jam tracks II

Blues Jam Tracks says:
We ran out of time before the main June newsletter so here are two little extra features that didn't quite make it. Oh, and a special bonus Lick of the Month!

Last reminder for the LIMS show, which starts today! If you can get to the Excel Centre in London's Docklands this weekend, you'll see a FEAST of fantastic guitar playing. Our friends Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings will be jamming at the Rotosound stand, H12, and there's the Guitar Idol final on Saturday morning. Three of our guest players will be performing in Guitar Idol... Daniele Gottardo, Jack Thammarat and Hedras Ramos.

To mark this special occasion, we've made a special limited edition Guitar Idol Bundle. This contains the three players' entry compositions... Jack's catchy, melodic "On the Way", the stunning classical-flavoured "Cardiology" by Daniele and Hedras's prog-metal extravaganza "Insanity of the Atoms". For each piece, there are high-quality audio and video files, 100% accurate Tab and a full backing track. This bundle is available for a limited time only at a special discounted price.

We understand that you may not want to buy all three tunes together, so we've now added Daniele Gottardo's "Cardiology" to our Custom Shop, where you can already buy the individual packages by Hedras and Jack.

Not just a terrifying demonstration of Daniele's technique, "Cardiology" is also a damn fine composition, combining elements of metal, fusion and classical music.

The downloadable package includes audio and video files, a backing track and accurate Tab in both PDF and Powertab formats.

Alex Hutchings finds himself top of the heap again with his custom fusion bundle along with Jack Thammarat on the eve of the Guitar Idol live final. Based on downloads for the last 10 days, the most popular bundles are:

1 Alex Hutchings - Custom Fusion
2 Jack Thammarat - On the Way
3 Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes Bundle
4 Dominic Dawes - Jazz Corner
5 Classic Blues Bundle

If you have not checked these packages out, click any of the links above to find out why they are so popular with fellow guitarists worldwide.