David Valdes: 7 string esp up for grabs

David Valdes says:

7 string electric guitar model ESP-LTD M-207. The band that did not use. The guitar has 3 years left and half the price of what it cost me. The final price is 600 € and if you are outside Tarragona I pay the postage.

This well kept totally has Floyd Rose bridge and Seymour Duncan pick ups. The sound is brutal and is excellent if you make music New Metal or Death Metal. The kit comes with a set of strings and without new build.

It has 24 frets and is Clavijero invested. The guitar has never left my studio and has no moisture and always kept in his briefcase. The strings have always been used "D.. Addario "009-054.

With this ESP guitar rhythms were recorded from my last album "Imhotep" which you can download from my web www.davidvaldes.net, so you can get an idea of how it sounds under study. Was used to record the rhythm of my dvd instrumental "Lost In The Dark Curse" also you can download multiple videos from the downloads section of my site and see how it sounds and how it is.