Hedras Ramos: reflecting back, an interview with sigloxxi.

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Since childhood has felt great attraction to music, especially guitar. That taste has led him to play to perfection, enabling it to classify under 1,200 participants from around the world to present 11 to June 14, at the London International Music Show, and crowned as the next search for Guitar Idol 2009 .
The passion for music brings in the veins, as they start playing for 8 years. At 13 he got an electric guitar with which practiced for 7 hours a day, being self taught. "I believe in the law of sowing and harvesting. I planted, and now I'm reaping. My items are original and inspired me in situations that have happened to me, "says the young man.
With just 17 years, is the only Central American in the competition, of which 12 were selected. In fact, is the youngest. Although not yet revealed the names of all the classifieds, the Chapín will face representatives of Hungary, Thailand, Chile, Bosnia, Brazil and Colombia.

His talent led him to be recognized in several countries, especially in the city of London, where a company dedicated to the music has been responsible for distributing his first album called New Sounds. Due to the good response obtained with a first material, received a new contract for the recording of their second album, which will be accompanied by bands of international repute.
Ramos is also a football fan, and the little time that is dedicated to free practice. "If it were not a musician would be football because it is another of my passions," he says.
For now studying Bachelor of Science and Arts of which he graduates this year. Maintains the aspirations of graduating from college as a musician. "My greatest desire is to reach out to others with my music, make a difference and be recognized my talent," he says with a smile.
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