Joe Satriani: michael anthony joe is a methodical guy

Michael Anthony:
It has a lot to do with it. On stage is one thing, but off stage is another. It is kind of interesting, because sometimes you wonder how these four personalities are going to mesh. I have partied enough times with Chad, down in Cabo, to know what he is like. We are saying now, that we should have called this band ‘One Genius & a Bunch of Idiots.’ Joe balances the rest of us out.

Joe Satriani, is a methodical, and structured, kind of guy—thank God for that. Every day, he came to the studio with his staff paper, while the rest of us were saying that we should put up a blackboard and scribble down what we needed to work on. Joe would say, “No, we are not going to do that.” You really need someone like that in the studio. Of course, we had Andy Johns in to do this thing with us. He is a great engineer and a great producer. He really was like the fifth member of the band. He was out in the studio with us, making suggestions and everything. He knew when we had a take. He would say, “Play it as many times as you want, but that is the one right there.” He would go outside and have a cigarette and say, “Let me know when you guys are through goofing around because this is the take we are using.”

We just went out on a little nine-show thing and everyone got along great. I was wondering if Chad was going to make us wear socks on our dicks. I told him that he should leave his socks at home.

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