Michael Knight: credit crunching shred cruncher II

Michael Knight:
Sell your CDs as a theme package - If you set up a real 'theme show' gig with several like-style bands, (four instrumental bands, or four progressive bands, etc.) then it would make great sense to sell your CDs as a theme package also. Get together with the other bands and decide how to sell the CDs as a box-set for the night of the show. You might want to tape them together with some clear cellophane packaging tape or just rubber band them together. Make better pricing for fans to purchase them together than to buy them separate. Think low, low price for the attendees.

Keeping prices down and giving fans the most bang-for-the-buck is crucial to weathering the economic storm. Fans and potential fans will remember and appreciate the steps you have taken and this will strengthen their loyalty to your band. Once again, good luck and best wishes to you all in the year ahead.
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