New: guitar idol evening round up

A long day today, 2 hours to drive to London and then 1.5 hours to get across London... Used my Tom Tom satellite navigation which worked great... until I ended up going around in circles... may be I turned too early. Eventually we arrived at our hotel... only to find it was the wrong hotel! may be the Sat Nav needs a little adjustment?! After booking into the hotel we got a call from Hedras Ramos. He was at another hotel. The hotel is right next to the guitar idol final at Excel centre! It was great to meet Hedras Ramos senior and junior... then next thing we bumped into Daniele Gottardo who was with his brother.

Later we bumped into George Marios and had a good chat about the show. George was really impressed with Daniele Gottardo at the warm up. Silvio Gasquez was good too. I have yet to catch up with Silvio, but I hope to tomorrow.

Hopefully some pictures and video tomorrow.