Paul Gilbert: quitting singing made my career take off!

It's Thursday so it must be metalichika! Yes... another Paul Gilbert interview

Well I had just done a couple of instrumental records. Those actually did great for me. Especially in America and Europe. When I did my first instrumental record, Get Out of My Yard, Joe Satriani took notice and asked me to do the G3 tour with him, and my career kind of took off. I was kind of joking that when I quit singing, my career took off… But I still love music with vocals, so when I started thinking about going back to that, I thought that I had reached a new level with guitar and that if I went back to how I always do it – which is to do everything, I would not be able to keep that quality up. I thought it was the perfect time to find a collaborator, and Freddie was the perfect collaborator, co-producer, picking out photos for the album cover – everything.

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