Theodore Ziras: territory 4 cd available

Theodore Ziras - Territory4
Guitarist Theodore Ziras talks about Territory4, his 2009 CD release, "This is my fourth instrumental solo album. I felt it was time to move into some new territory, by starting to use new scales and modes, while experimenting with new grooves and time signatures... generally, to move on. Territory4 is literally and directly what the title states. I tried to create a piece of art that blends various styles, grooves and sounds. On this CD you'll hear modern metal, shred and fusion all mixed together in a "unique" way. I am very happy and proud that I recorded this music with three of the most gifted and talented musicians on the planet. My main ambition was to entertain and inspire you... I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to my Territory4."

Theodore Ziras - Guitar, Production, Arrangements, Engineering, Liner Notes
Marco Minnemann - Drums, Engineering
Alex Argento - Keyboards, Engineering
Kyle Honea - Bass, Engineering
Brett Caldas-Lima - Mixing, Mastering
Gogo Melone - Artwork, Cover Design
Irene Kozamanis - Photography

Loud And Proud (4:49)
Jordan's Trap (4:18)
Blasphemy (5:03)
O.K. (4:11)
The Sheen (4:59)
Strong Desire (4:06)
Irredenta (4:36)
Over The Sky (3:12)
A New Sunrise (5:29)
Wolfgang's March (3:27)