Yngwie Malmsteen: tim ripper owens talks about the bond with the little viking chief

Tim “Ripper” Owens:
I’ve got almost everybody in there…from Rudy Sarzo to Billy Sheehan, Doug Aldrich, Steve Stevens, Vinny Appice, Simon Wright, Dave Ellefson, Bruce and Bob Kulick…it’s different…it’s more melodic…hard rock, maybe influenced a little bit by Sabbath and Priest whereas Beyond Fear is more “in your face”. I am looking forward to having a listening party for “Play My Game” when I return to the States....

Tim “Ripper” Owens:
No…I know Yngwie for many years. I did “Mr. Crowley” with him back in 2001 and we always talked about doing something together when the time is right. So, we met at a Starbucks…I guess, that’s where you are going when you get older (laughs)! It was a good meeting…after a while, I listened to the new material and I really liked it. We did the record, a world tour and I actually got back from Japan last week…it was great. We will definitely do another record together! It’s fun being on stage with Yngwie.
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