COMPETITION: top 10 Shred This competition questions answered!

I have had a number of queries about this competition so here goes:

1 I don't have a video camera can I submit a soundtrack with photos?

Yes you can do this, but a video is preferred. I think we're looking for good clean interpretations that are consistent with the backing track and this is much clearer to see in a video. Pester your friends, they are bound to have one!

2 Can I enter more than one video.

Yes you can enter more than one video. However you MUST submit an entry form for each video that you want judged. Above all please do not remove videos unless requested.

3. Can I embellish the backing track.

Yes you can, if you think this will add to your interpretation. Most players will find it easier to go with the original to concentrate on going with the flow!

4 I don't want to be judged but I want to submit an entry.

Yes you can, just follow the instructions and when you complete the form just select the "No I just want to Shred option"

5 When do I need to get my entry in?

The Truth In Shredding: Shred This Competition: ends 18:00 GMT August 31, 2009. I will endeavour to edit the title to show it has closed as soon as I can. Hey, but don't worry if you don't make it in time, we're already talking about the next competition!

6 Can we have more than one player on a video?

Yes you can... but you'll have to share the prize if you win!

7 How do I get my video featured on this blog?

I'm trying to include as many cool videos as possible. If you already a Truth In Shredding player you'll automatically be added. If you're not featured do not worry it won't affect the judging!

8 I don't have time for the backing track but I have another cool video to show can I enter that?

Thanks but no thanks! No you will not be able to submit any other track for judging it must be over the backing track...

9 I want to make my video wacky and funny!

Up to you what you put in your video! Hey you can even cover your face with a bandana and pretend to be from South African if you want!

10 What are you guys looking for in the solo?

OK the basics are:

  • Ability to continuously improvise over the backing track, musical ideas, melodies

  • Evidence of advanced techniques cleanly executed

  • Guitar sound, expression, intonation and vibrato

  • Overall quality of submission in terms of self promotion, how well other players liked your playing

I think in terms of what we are looking for, well I guess that depends more on which judge you talk to. However I would say Rick Graham is more into the soulful rock, blues feel aspect and has a keen ear for emotional content. I think Tom Quayle is more into the fusion improvisation aspect and what note selection you made over the chords, how you executed them. I guess Laurie Monk is somewhere in between, I love it all... just bring it on and Shred Junior... well he just loves notes, tapping, shredding, arpeggio's, string skipping, sweeping, two handed....!!!.

I guess what I am trying to say is have fun, express yourself, do what you need to do and get your signature over, show us the way you play. There is a lot of competition, so the better you pull off your techniques the more highly you'll be rated by fans and piers alike. The good news about this sort of competition is you will be rated by your piers as well. I think it will help you if you check out the other competition videos and make your comments too, this is a great way to make friends and build your profile! You guys and gals have already surpassed my expectations!

Here's a couple of videos for you:
Truth in shredding competition (might as well!) Jake Willson

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