Emil Werstler: till daath do us part...

Anthony Lipari caught me on IM during a marathon facebook session where I felt like every guitarist in the world was online! During Anthony Lipari's session we discussed guitarists and videos and he highlighted a number of guys that should have been on the blog by now.... well here is another for you. You can catch Emil Werstler on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/abcya. The lead guitarist from death band Daath [sic] has some pretty fearsome chops.

Emil Werstler of Daath Guitar Lesson on FPE-TV

Paul Reed Smith asks Emil Werstler of Daath to demonstrate his addition to the "Betcha Can't Play This" series in Guitar World Magazine. Emil is playing his personal Private Stock PRS guitar (modified Modern Eagle) through a PRS Original Sewell Amplifier.

Emil Werstler demonstrates his "Betcha Can't Play This" lick from Guitar World Magazine

Emil Werstler Improvising

DAATH - Wiliting on the Vine - Guitar Solo @ PRS ...

Emil Werstler of DAATH at Experience PRS 2008

FPE-TV LIVE Daath featuring Emil Werstler