Frank Schiphorst: chd 2.0

Frank Schiphorst says:
Control Human Delete update: CHD 2.0. CHD 2.0, Why 2.0?
Couple of reasons, first.. we're working very hard to create our second album. We think it will be a huge leap forward musically, sonically and creatively. Second, our line-up from Terminal World Perspective changed, we became much stronger with the addition of guitarist Axis, his prog background is adopted into the future CHD sound.

The biggest suprise in the new line-up is Fractal. Yes, he is a drummer. Does this mean CHD will no longer use a drumcomputer? No it doesn't but Fractal will play a huge percentage of the drums for the new record. Besides his drumskills Fractal also plays guitar and keys so his contribution on the next album will be enormous.

With Axis and Fractal added to our line-up we're back in the same form as we were during the Error Spectre era, this obvisiously means we're reaching back into that era and mingle it with the power of the TWP era.

I can't tell you much more other than we got 50% written, we're working from different places with our mobile studios and demo'ing our asses off. I think we got much more influences into our new songs compared to previous work. Void has got new conceptual writing going on as well. We hope to bring you some rough new material and studio-vids any time soon on this page.

We're a bit in a transition period right now, we're mostly writing for the new album so the number of gigs will be small, we're also rehearsing for upcoming shows with Fractal on live drums. Announced gigs on short notice will be done old fashioned with drumcomputer and with material from TWP.

People ask us frequently by mail and on this page how long they'll have to wait for the new album, all I can say about it is that we're heading towards recording our new album somewhere in 2010... so hope yall can wait that long! Mail and praises about us and the future are appreciated, hope you'll continue to do just that!

Spectre, CHD | May 2009