News: guitar charity

As guitarists most of us collect gear. We need to have multiple guitars that all do basically the same thing just in a slightly different way creating a slightly different sound through different amps that do the same thing with slightly different voicings. And before you go getting all defensive saying "oh no, not ME! There's a HUGE difference in sound between my VOX AC30 and my Fender Princeton Reverb!" you can rest assured, that I (as a guitarist) know that there's a big sound difference to us. I'm less convinced it sounds all that different to the uninitiated or if it did, how many of them think it's the guitar or amp and not just the player?

Anyhoo, my point here is that most of collect or want to collect as much gear as we "need" (which basically means we want to collect as much gear as possible).

How many of you have honestly thought of giving something away though?

Not selling it to finance more gear, or trading it for something else. Not cashing in on it to pay the power bill. Just giving it away. Maybe even just giving it away to someone who doesn't even play guitar? Someone you don't even know.

How does THAT hit you?
yes count me in!