Tom Quayle: guitar pr0n - blue video!

Tom Quayle, Truth In Shredding competition backing track composer, has been waiting for a long time for this baby to arrive... finally extracting it from the sweaty palms of the customs men this week... what follows next is nothing but gratuitous guitar pr0n! Tom Quayle says:
Here's my new guitar! It's a Suhr custom standard in Trans Denim Flame with a Basswood body and quarter sawn maple neck. It features two Fletcher Landau single coils and an SSV+ humbucker in the bridge which is splittable by the tone control. I had a blower switch installed as on Guthrie Govan's guitar too!

This is THE best guitar I've ever played or owned and I want to thank all the guys at Suhr for building it for me and especially Ed Yoon for being the coolest, most knowledgeable and kindest guy around! Thanks Ed! I'm going to use this for everything I do now and recommend these guitars to everyone - forget the cost - they're worth every penny and more!

I'll do some videos playing it very soon.

Thanks for watching!

All the best,

The new Suhr!