Borislav Mitic: the lion goes from strength to strength

Lion Music has announced the signing of guitar virtuoso BORISLAV MITIC to the labels roster.

Originally hailing from Serbia but now residing in Canada, Borislav first shot to widespread public attention with his self titled debut album on Shrapnel Records in 1999, which saw him gain the distinction of being the first Serbian artist to sign a deal with an American label.

His debut album was welcomed by guitar fans and critics alike as a breath of fresh air on a music scene flooded with various “corporate quasi music” and established Borislav a cult status among the rock guitar community and led to endorsement deals with ESP guitars, Dean Markley strings, Maxon, Guyatone effects - once again becoming the first Serbian artist to achieve such a feat. This release was followed up by Fantasy and then after several years of self reflection and unrealised musical projects, along with some guest spots along with work in R&D for Maxon, Borislav put together his own recording studio.

Now in 2009 Borislav decided that the time was right for a new aggressive and uncompromising metal instrumental album that his fans have long been waiting for. Having shelved all his old musical works Borislav focused on writing, producing and engineering entirely new instrumental songs that have become arguably his best work yet - a concept album titled The Absolute.

One song from the new album titled 'Hidden' has already been previewed on the ESP Guitars website for the past few months as a "premiere" introduction to the album.

The Absolute is due for release late 2009 (TBC) and will deliver what all his fans are waiting for - alentless guitar attack that should also satisfy the musical appetites of any true metal guitar fan!