Dario Lorina: is Ozzy's new guitarist!

[edited post Gus G appointment... Dario Lorina was beaten to the draw by Kostas Karamitroudis, aka Gus G] Thanks to the power of comments and the really rather good metal-blast forum... where an extreme clue was posted! Looks a cert that Zakk Wylde is out and Dario Lorina is in!

Dario Lorina is a 19-year-old guitarist who has been making waves in the music industry. At age 16, he was recognized for his passion and what some may call exceptional talent, and began touring with multi-platinum songwriter and Warrant front man, Jani Lane. During that time Dario strongly made a reputation and name for himself as a player and has gained the respect of many which has given him the opportunity to play with various notable artists. He has been touring consistently throughout the USA and Europe since 2006.

“Dario Lorina, playing it the way it should be played”…Jani Lane (Warrant)

In 2006 he was featured in an instructional video entitled “Rock Begins” which was targeted towards a younger audience and taught the basics of rock guitar. He’s received attention from major companies, USA and abroad, such as Coffin Case, Marshall Amps, Crafter USA, Snap Jack Cables, Sfarzo Strings, PikCard and the European guitar company, LAG who has since invited him to the annual Musikmesse fair in Frankfurt, Germany for the past two years to work with the company on promoting their guitars. Dario was featured in Guitar Player Magazine and Europe's Guitare Xtreme Magazine and asked to join Motorhead for a song at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. He is also featured in the Music Star Productions new All Star DVD (2008) with George Lynch, Bruce Kulick, Jennifer Batten and Darrell Roberts as "Next Generation of Rock Guitar" with Dario Lorina and more. (See Blog)

“He has the skill and heart that reminds me of Randy Rhoads”…Vegas Rocks Magazine

The Las Vegas All Stars (LVAS) is a project Dario was involved with in which featured Jizzy Pearl of Ratt and Love/Hate, Lez Warner of The Cult, and Mike Szuter of Magna Fi, Paul Gilbert band and Blue Man Group. The band cut four tracks in tribute to ACDC.

“He reminds me of a younger Paul Gilbert”…Eric Martin (Mr. Big)

Dario also had a brief stint with an original band named KarnevaL which performed at Rocklahoma 2008, Vegas Rocks Magazine's 4th Anniversary Party and Nightmare Before Xmas Bash, and headlined Rock Against Diabetes 2008 along with guitarist Bumblefoot, LA Guns, Magnetico, Y&T and more.

"You've got a true shredder's heart and soul"...Lonn Friend
4/6/2009: Dario Lorina to tour with Metal Blade Records signed and American heavy metal band, Lizzy Borden. Read more at http://blogs.myspace.com/dariolorina

"Dario performs with a passion and skilled technique that can be compared to early guitar heroes Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen"...Hard Rock Haven

This is just the beginning of Dario’s career and he has already accomplished more than many do in a lifetime. He’s made an impact in the industry in a intense way and there are many great endeavors ahead. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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  1. Dario could well be the guitarist but that cover's fake. The typeface is too thin to have been done by a professional graphic designer (who would know it would be too hard to read from a few feet away on a newsstand), and the song transcriptions are copied and pasted from the July 2001 Guitar World.

  2. I have been a loyal Ozzy fan for years. It is time for Ozzy to retire not start over. He should have went to the end with Zakk. This all smells of Sharon. She has made a mockery of Ozzy and this will truly ruin his legend. OZZY GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boycot OZZY. A lot of us will. Boycot OZZY!!! Boycot OZZY!!! I will never buy a new OZZY CD.........OZZY retire with pride..........GO HOME OZZY!!!!!!!


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