Dario Lorina: Ozzy's new guitarist?

Take your pick... Gus G or Dario? This according to Iheartguitar review of Dario Lorina is the man... or Gus G ... in his latest post... OK my bet Ozzy is going for a twin guitar attack with two young good looking shredders!


  1. Comments, woo!!!

    I'm not sure who to believe in this story, although Dario and Lorina and Gus G in a twin-guitar lineup would be killer. I say Ozzy should bring back Jake E Lee. Or maybe it's George Lynch's turn at last?

  2. how about a four man attack... may be even Allan Holdsworth... now that would be cool!

  3. http://metal-blast.com/MetalBoard/viewtopic.php?t=10529

    Scroll down toward the end.

  4. i agree he should bring back jake e lee


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