Mario Parga: custom siggery guitar in the making

Mario is proud to announce that he’s teamed up with renowned English luthier Marty
Siggery of
Siggery Guitars
who is in the process of building Mario two 100% handmade
custom guitars to Mario’s specifications as part of a new endorsement. Readers
of guitar magazines around the world will be familiar with Siggery Guitars who
are notorious for their outstanding build quality, tone and intonation and hailed by critics
and professional guitarists alike.

Mario said earlier today: “I’ve known Marty for a very long time, fans of my 1991 album
The Magician will remember that Marty actually played bass on it. Marty always had an
uncanny way with guitars, he became quite a legend on the UK guitar scene back in the
late 80’s and early 90’s with his guitar set-ups and modifications. He’s since blossomed
into a truly outstanding guitar builder, the reviews in guitar magazines say it all… Using
only the highest quality materials, Marty hand crafts all Siggery Guitars personally, and
I’m looking forward to playing my new custom guitars as soon as they arrive in Las

Mario is looking forward to a long collaboration with Siggery Guitars.