Matias Rengel: t is for tapping

Matias Rengel says:
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Hey everyone! it's been a long time since my last video, and yes i've been sooo busy with this new temporary job I took for 6 months that i couldn't find a moment to tape a new video; I have also been working with a book which btw i almost finishing... there's a book coming! so please stay tuned! I can't tell you the topict yet, but I can assure you that it will be very useful.. but anyways, here I am bringing you all a new guitar lesson.

In this Lesson I bring you a Lick made specially for Dorian Scale (in the video B Dorian), but you may also use it for a Blues Progression or any minor chord you want to sound different. The main thing is that you have looooot of fun playing it so please enjoy it! All questions and Comments are accepted.
Stay tuned cause there's a new composition coming up! with a really cooool video.
thanks for watching

Tapping Lessons - Matias T Rengel