Milan Polak: ernie ball musicman deal in the bag!

Milan Polak says:
I am very proud to announce that I have joined forces with Ernie Ball/Musicman who make some of the best guitars in the world. So I have recorded and uploaded a video featuring 8 solos of my new album "Murphy's Law" feat. the Axis Superstar & the Luke models:

8 solos of the '09 release "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music) featuring the Ernie Ball/MusicMan guitar models "Axis Supersport" & "Luke". You can purchase your personal copy of "Murphy's Law" at: html Thx for the support!
P.S.: you just gotta love that Garfield cup in the back at the end of the video...

"Murphy's Law" solos - Milan Polak (feat. extreme string skipping, sweeping & picking)