News: google chrome the fastest browser on the planet!

The fastest browser on the planet

On a Windows 7 RC box, powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM, the current version of Chrome -- version 2.0 -- scored 775ms on the SunSpider Javascript benchmark. That's exactly the same as Safari 4.0.2 for Windows scored under the same conditions.

But Chrome 3.0 reclaimed its space as 'world's fastest browser' moments later, thundering through the benchmarking process in 688ms, making it 11 per cent faster than the current version. Impressive, though not quite the 30 per cent speed increase Google claims it saw internally using the same benchmarking process.

To put this into context, Firefox 3.5 scored 1,351ms, Opera 10 beta 2 scored 3,687ms, Internet Explorer 8 scored 5,720ms and K-Meleon scored 11,556ms. Without a doubt, Chrome 3.0 is the speed leader by a large margin, and officially the fastest browser in the world. full details