POLL: ozzy's new guitarist...

OK... the poll has been live all day and only one vote?!?! come on guys.. who is Ozzy's next guitarist... assuming Zakk Wylde gets the chop?.... your answer in the side bar!


  1. Well I will say that I know for fact that Dario and Ozzy run in the same circle...
    Dario does a lot of work with our friends over at Coffin Case- Coffins head honcho, Jonny, is in The Death Riders with Blasko... so I can TOTALLY see this as being the real deal.

  2. Yes it's true... just posted a new blog... the photo is on the cover of guitar world...

  3. 1 vote Gus G
    1 vote Dario Lorina - Mr Protone pedals says he's the man... so he's the man!
    0 Allan Holdsworth... I think this would have taken Ozzy to a new dimension...

    LOL... only two votes... and it's Dario Lorina... so no need to go on with the poll!

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. According to Dario's myspace blog the cover is a fake, and he IS NOT the new guitarist for Ozzy!


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