Rob Balducci: violet horizon demo

Rob Balducci says:
Thanks to all of you who came out to A Night Of Pure Guitar on 8/15\09. In the coming weeks the Lick Of The Weeks will be previews of tracks from my new CD Violet Horizon.

I will be playing a few min. live of each track and also explaining the inspiration behind the track.
I am using different guitars in each of the tunes. This is Track 1 called Violet Horizon. I am using my Ibanez RGA

LACS guitar. I nicked named this guitar Violet Horizon. I am running into my Cornford MK50 11 using George L's cables and running into my pedal board. I have in the effects loop a Maxon AD999 pro delay .
I hope you enjoy this insight into my new CD and if you like what you here please purchase the cd at This is a Favored Nations release and can be purchased worldwide digitally on Itunes, amazon and other download sites. Links can be found at as well

8.17.09 Lick Of The Week New CD Preview Track 01 VioletHorizon