Steve Hubbard: a short and sweet shred this

Steve Hubbard says:
Hello! I decided to have some fun and do a one-take shot at this track.. I jammed over it for a few minutes before to warm up, and gave it a try.. Lots of mistakes, and bad notes, but oh well! More of a test for my new audio-camera setup..

I promise to do a GOOD video, next contest!
seemed good enough to me ;) Enjoy legato hybrid fusion fans!

Truth in Shredding Contest - Steve Hubbard

A little demo of my new Suhr, and of course, my Boogie..

Decent quality, for once!

Suhr S3 - Lonestar - Vox Time Machine - Lonestar - YOU!

Suhr S3 / Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special

Funk/Fusion Shred Jam

Some examples of the licks I enjoy playing that happen to use 'hybrid picking.'

I don't tab out these licks, as I feel they should be used more as an influence-- if you want to learn them, use your ears! :)

Guitar Lesson: Hybrid Picking

Funk Fusion Jam #2