Alex Flouros: progress update

I wanted to keep you updated with my recent activity all gathered up..
Alex Flouros says:
This is going to be one really busy year!
There is a total of 5 albums that are going to be recorded and released within the year if all goes well..
1)I'm about to finish my 1st personal instrumental album..
2)Fragile Vastness will be reunited to record our 3rd studio album within the next few months..This is a recent decision from all members and we're all very excited about it!
3)I joined blues/hard rock band "Whats The Buzz" a few months ago and we have been writing songs for a new album..Hopefully the album will be released within the year as well..
4)There's a new project building up far different from all my previous work..A band similar to Scar Symmetry and Killswitch Engage.. The recording process has already begun..More info about this soon..
5)Under Pleasure will also be writing material for an album soon..

So there you have it..
A guitar instrumental album,a progressive metal album,a blues/hard rock album,a metalcore/melodic death album and a heavy rock/experimental album.. :)
More info coming soon..
Take care everybody..