COMPETITION: Shred this! 15 Work In Progress

We are almost there...Tom has listed his Top 15 Rick and Myself still have one too many... we are down to 19 at the moment, but there are many common names. The top 15 will all win a prize the type of prize will depend if you make it into the top 3. The details of the special prize for making the top 15 will be posted with that final 15 list. In addition Shred Junior pointed out that "I want you to shred for me..." means him! So Shred Junior will also pick his own prize winners with their special prizes too which will be announced when the final top 3 names are selected. Let the flaming and hate mail begin!


  1. Chris Pallas06/09/2009, 10:57

    So cool to see the best players in these lists! :)
    Congratulations to all the people who are mentioned here, it's a big deal to stand out of so many great entries!

  2. WOO!! Close to being in the top 15.. That would be killa!

    Hey, can we make wagers on who we think will hit the top 3??

    -Steve Hubbard

  3. Argh, looks like I'll have to play more notes next time!!

    Great work everyone, good luck to the remaining players!!!

  4. I miss Silvio Gasquez, Dragianni, Damir Puh and Chris Pallas in those lists.


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