COMPETITION: Shred this! 45 first cut... CORRECTED

Thanks to Rick Graham, Tom Quayle for not killing me too much for getting the list out too quickly... I think we have corrected the list a couple of cut and paste errors fixed. Names looks similar when your looking at 160 plus entries, let me know if I got anything else wrong! To be honest we should have had a top 100, then top 50, then top 15... may be next time! Plus if you were not in the top 45, it does not mean you failed... There were tons of great players that did not make the cut... but we have to get to the final 3 somehow...

Talking of final 3... we've still not got down to the last 15 fully, but we're very close, like only a couple of differences between us... and to be honest the differences are not that far apart as we love all the players listed! I might post our three lists so you can feed back and begin the hate mail and death threats, what do you think?

Top 45


  1. i'd be curious to see the 3 different 15 lists, just to compare the judges tastes

  2. Yes... they are pretty close, like 1 or 2 different, but we all like the each others lists too... it's just difficult to get the 15 fully agreed... If I get some more feed back, I'll probably post what we have.

  3. Seing the 3 lists would be great!


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