COMPETITION: Shred this! SLIMERS top 5

As a number of you have been doing... some gentle nudging, cryptic comments, a little IM prompting... OK I get the message... time to hurry up and get on with the short listing... well we're going as fast as we can... I'm still aiming for the end of the week for the final announcement! In the meantime my little 9 year old shredder buddy SLIMER has had his say on the top 5 list!

Slimer says:
My top five are, Bryan aspey, Ricardo Walls, Kevin Peters, Marius Pop, Damjan Pejincinoski. In that order, man what a tough decision. So Many great entries! Thanks again so much for the honor of being in the top 45. Keep Shredding Buddy!


  1. are we still going to see a top 15 list before the top 3? :D

  2. yes... that's the plan! As long as I don't spot another raft of Marshall Harrison we should be OK!

  3. Thanks Slimer; it's an honor! :D

    "Shred This" brought back many happy memories of doing nothing but shredding all day long as a young dude; I'm psyched to hear that this came through and resonated with him!


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