COMPETITION: Shred this! TOP 3

Wow it's taken about two months to get to this. A vision we had back in Frankfurt delivered some of the best playing around. A big thanks to all those who entered. For those who did not win, we salute you... for all those guys and gals who should have been in the top 3, yes your great we love you... but there can only be 3 winners... but not to worry as we tell you that Shred This too will becoming soon. Hopefully not colliding with some of the other cool competitions coming soon.

Special Thanks:
Tom Monk: aka Shred Junior... the other 19 takes that did not make the video! For your choice of who won this competition!
Tom Quayle: For the cool backing track and the hours put in judging the competition
Rick Graham: For the cool video editing, and the hours put in judging the competition

Also thanks to Dennis Mollan at protone pedals: discount good until the end of September 2009:

Truth In Shredding: Shred This THE TOP 3 and special prizes


  1. Unbelievable! I am TRULY humbled by this decision - I know it was nearly impossibly difficult to call! Now I've got to collect myself before I can respond more fully to the judges and fellow participants, but that was the most excellent awards ceremony I've ever attended! Thank You Shred Junior!!! :D


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