Guthrie Govan: uk clinic dates to be announced!

Ed Yoon:
After the great success of the clinic tour of the US/Canada northeast we did with Guthrie in July, we surveyed our top dealers in Europe and they also advised us that they'd love to have us do the same there. So, it seems Guthrie and I will embark on a mini-tour of Europe in December with clinic-shows in UK, France, Germany, perhaps the Netherlands, perhaps Sweden, and Norway.

I'm working on the dates now and should have the schedule finalized over the next several weeks. The tour will be at least 2 weeks long with around 10 clinics. Some of the dates should feature a local backing band to perform Guthrie's tunes and jams on jazz-fusion standards. The dealers in Europe are already very excited and we expect another very successful and memorable tour.

The GG Signature Model, introduced in January, has been an amazing success with nearly 70 of these guitars sold or on order to date and we expect many more to be ordered for this tour and beyond. Besides his Sig model, Guthrie will demo various other models like the Standard, Classic, and the Classic T and also the new line of pedals. Guthrie is quite the product demonstrator as well - very entertaining and informative at the same time.

Seeing Guthrie live is a completely different and much more rewarding experience than watching him on YouTube or listening to his CD [like we didn't know that already... get to see Guthrie Live is great... but if he's not in your area soon, youtube it'll have to be.]. So you guys in Europe who are nearby the locations that we'll visit shouldn't miss this chance to see Guthrie live. Even his solo demos of all the different Suhr products during the clinic portion are truly something to behold. We will also try to arrange master classes at each stop if possible.

Will keep you guys posted on the dates as they get confirmed with our dealers. Hope to see some of you guys there. Having never been to Europe, I'm really excited about the prospects for this tour.