Marshall Harrison: special bound tab available!

Marshall Harrison says:
On this Channel you will find the sum-total most interesting gems that I have troweled out from the firmament of the galaxies. Whether from mathematics to guitar to piano to Literature (kidding about the last one).

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**** TAB NOTICE ******
Tab from the Youtube Lessons:
1 Legato Hybrid Combination
2 Five note per string ideas
3 Advanced Hybrid picking I
4 Advanced Hybrid picking II

along with Transcriptions of Chopin, Shoshtakovich, Czerny, Paganini, Alkan pieces ARE available in my Music compilation book. This COIL-BOUND volume contains my favorite trancriptions and is available for a limited time (only 50 were produced). Get yours now by sending $25 to via DONT FORGET TO SEND your SHIPPING address!!!! with the paypal order