Oziel Zinho: live videos and dvd guitar lesson

Another cool video from Oziel Zinho... I still just can't believe I met this guy and saw him play live! What an honour!

ReMenor - Feira de Santana

TopGear - Feira de Santana

LUZ - Feira de Santana

Video Lessons on DVD:
In this short course I teach step by step how to create a play-back in Sonar 6, of course I'll be teaching only the main controls to make a song, because Sonar is a very vast. We will learn to record audio and MIDI tracks, applying effects, auxiliary channels, basic mixing and mastering. In this lesson I'm showing a recording via MIDI controller keyboard, but not all have such equipment, so I'm available, too, another way for creation of MIDIs "without using the keyboard," It is therefore used another program to generate the MIDIs with ease, you just need to write CIFRA, that's right, the figure, and the program will generate the midis of bass, drums and other instruments. In the video I also give tips on writing as well as indication of great plugins to facilitate the recording. details