Prashant Aswani: 5AM... so a new release on the way

Kudos to Rich Murray at guitar channel for break the great news.

My new album is complete. I am in the process of mixing and should be sending it to mastering very soon. Here is the scoop. 10 tracks on this one.

Credits are as follows:

Produced and Engineered by Prashant Aswani
All songs written by Prashant Aswani

The musicians are:

Prashant Aswani - Guitars
Rhonda Smith - Bass
Abhijit Banerjee - Tabla
Joey Heredia - Drums

Featured Artists are:

Brett Garsed
Dave Martone
Rob Caggiano

The song "5AM" is up for your enjoyment. Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Check out the track 5AM