Simone Fiorletta: metallife interview

Your new CD features Labyrinth keyboardist Andrea De Paoli. How was it working with Andrea?

I've already had the honor and pleasure of working with my dear friend Andrea on the previous album "My Secret Diary". Collaborating with him is both enjoyable and satisfactory: enjoyable because, being good friends we always have a good time together, and it also is satisfactory because the end result fulfills all of my needs and expectations, musically speaking.

At this point I would like to introduce the other members working on this album. Two of them, although in their early twenties, are very skilled: Marco Aiello on the drums and Matteo Raggi as a bass player. Other important guests played an active role in my album, such as the renowned guitar hero Neil Zaza, Mistheria (B. Dickinson and more), Armando Pizzuti and Valerio D'Anna from Moonlight Comedy, and Fabrizio Auri.
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