Simone Fiorletta: true metal interview

Richard - I think that by following your solo discography can feel the gradual maturation of taste, which led you to write pieces sliding increasingly attentive to detail. How do you feel changed as a musician over the last 5 / 6 years?

I became gradually and become increasingly sensitive in all those steps that should be taken into account to come up with a good album, as you say yourself, smoothest tracks and details well cared for. E 'is true, however, that I made my debut as a soloist at the age of 22 years ... after five years is inevitable feeling changes or improvements due also to greater personal maturity, a speech that goes far beyond that of music. As is now well know, my songs are out of my experiences from my life and it is also why at 27 years my works are more mature than at twenty, you know what I mean?

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